As a platform that provides support to the mother and her child we focus on four main areas: healthcare, education, housing and entrepreneurship.


  • To assure antenatal checkups and delivery care to the mothers.
  • To guarantee treatment and hospitalization to those mothers and newborns who require it.
  • Provide counseling in breastfeeding, promoting attachment and adequate nutrition of the newborn.
  • Continuous and comprehensive follow-up during pregnancy as well as home visits through postpartum
  • Education and active training for personnel through the implementation of different programs. We work with the local health team to improve the quality of care.


Implement sexual education workshops through an alliance with Teenstar® program focus on:

  • Accompany individually and communally young men and women through all the stages of their growth with a holistic view of their affectivity and sexuality.
  • Promote the social, emotional, physical, intellectual and spiritual integration of the person.
  • Strengthen the personal identity and self-esteem in young people through self-knowledge
  • Develop decision-making abilities based on their own liberty and responsibility.
  • Encourage respect and tolerance for all people.


  • Provide comprehensive support to women during pregnancy and postpartum.
  • Supply the basic needs of women and newborns through the delivery of Toto Care Box ® that includes the necessary elements for the first months of life.
  • Ensure temporary accommodation and shelter for those women who have nowhere to live, including basic services and food.
  • Organization of mothers, where the free exchange of their experiences allows the develop of innovative ways to solve their problems.


  • Train mothers in technical skills and savings strategies for entrepreneurship and sustainability.
  • Train mothers in income generating activities through popular learning workshops, such as hairdressing, hand-crafts, cultivation and others.

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